Electric Basses Acoustic Basses Amps
1987 Aria Pro II XRB fretless

2016 Brimstone 3 string Precision “Willy Bill”

2015 Brimstone T-15 Platinum 3 string Precision

2014 Brimstone AB Series I Precision Special

2013 Brimstone Tele “Sardines”

2013 Brimstone Precision

1970s Conrad 1246

2015 D’Angelico EX-SD

2015 D’Angelico EX

2008 Dean EAB “Cash”

2009 Epiphone Viola

2007 Epiphone Allen Woody Rumblekat

2005 Epiphone Jack Casady

2015 Fender Squier Vintage Modified ’60 Jazz “Joepop”

2013 Fender Squier Vintage Modified Bass VI

2006 Fender Deluxe Series Jazz

2004 Fender Squier Standard Precision Thunderbird “Sex Machine”

2000 Fender Squier Affinity Precision “JHS”

1990 Fender Precision ’62 reissue “Chadwick”

1989 Fender Squier II ’70 Precision “Roger”

1983 Fender ’58 Precision “Duck”

2014 Gibson EB 120th Anniversary

1981 Gibson Victory “Chalupka”

2011 Glendale 3 string Jazz “Caravan of Dreams”

2007 Glendale 3 string ’51 Precision

2006 Glendale Precision “ZZ Top”

1999 Godin A4 fretless

1992 G.W. Lyon by Washburn Precision “Chili”

1983 Hondo Precision “John Deere”

1994 Peavey RSB Koa

2016 PSE Custom Barnwood Precision

2011 Reverend Dub King

1960s Telestar Beatle “Rusty”

2018 Vintage ICON Precision “West Texas”

2007 Cremona SB-2

1967 E. H. Roth

Ampeg SVT-VR

Ampeg V-4B

Ampeg SVT-7PRO

Ampeg SVT-3PRO

Ampeg B-200R

Ampeg Micro VR

Ampeg BA-210

Ampeg BA-115

Ampeg BA-110

Ampeg SVT-810AV

Ampeg SVT-810AV w/ Celestions

Ampeg SVT-210AV

Ampeg SVT-210AV

Ampeg SVT-15E w/ Celestion

Ampeg B-200R-15 w/ Celestion

Peavey MiniMAX

Peavey 1810

Plush 3000B

Promethean by AJ Fender Inspired 212 w/ Celestions

Promethean by AJ Peavey Inspired 18 w/ Celestion

Randall Basso 1×15

Rocktron Mainline

SWR Grand Prix


Pres/DIs/Effects Endorsements
Ampeg Opto Comp

Ampeg Liquifier

Ampeg SCR-DI


BBE Sonic Stomp

Behringer BSY600 Bass Synth

Boss GE-7B w/ JHS Magnum mod

Boss TU-2

Desert Island Audio Neve 1272 Pebbles and Bamm Bamm Lunchbox DI

Greer Super Hornet

JHS Mini A/B

JHS Mute Switch

Morley PBA Bass Wah

MXR 10 Band EQ

MXR Bass Preamp

MXR Bass Chorus Deluxe

MXR Iso-Brick Power Supply

MXR Phase 95

MXR Studio Compressor

Radial JDI

Rocktron Celestial Delay

Rocktron Tru-Loop

Rupert Neve Designs RNDI

Sadowsky outboard bass pre

Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI

Zoom 506 II

Zoom B3

Action Custom straps

Ampeg amps

Brimstone basses

Celestion speakers

D’Addario cables

D’Addario orchestral strings

DiMarzio pickups

GHS electric strings

Hipshot products

In Tune guitar picks

JHS pedals

Klein pickups

MXR/Jim Dunlop pedals

Radial DIs

Vintage basses